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Homeopathy in Crouch End and Stoke Newington, North London

This website provides information about AURORA YAACOV's homeopathic practice. I am a fully qualified and registered homeopath (MARH) practising in North London.

I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and abide by its professional Code of Ethics and Practice. As a classical homeopath I am dedicated to practise according to the rigorous principles established by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and his disciples.

I run my practice from the following clinics in North London:

  • Stoke Newington
    Monday pm
    Shine Holistic Health Centre
    52 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0NB
    Tel. 07855 736 308

  • Homeopathy for Children and Adults in Crouch End
    Affordable/lower cost clinic available weekly
    Hornsey Vale Community Centre
    60 Mayfield Road, N8 9LP
    Tel 07855 736 308


    People come to see me with many different health needs; these range from acute conditions, such as a sore throat or the flu, to seeking homeopathy when their health is affected by a recurring or chronic condition. The following are but a few examples of health problems that I frequently see in my practice: migraines, hay-fever, asthma, arthritis, digestive problems such as IBS, food allergies, ailments during pregnancy, hormonal imbalances such as overactive and underactive thyroid, as well as menstrual and menopause problems, anxiety attacks, depression, anorexia, insomnia, injuries, recovering from surgery. More and more parents are turning to homeopathy to boost and sustain their children's physical and emotional health, either as an alternative to or alongside conventional medicine. In my practice I see frequently children with behaviour problems including hyperactivity, as well as those affected by learning disabilities (e.g., ADD and autism). I see people of all ages who want to use homeopathy to boost the natural capacity of their bodies to fight disease, because they realize that a strong immune system and a harmoniously functioning body and mind can best be achieved through holistic, natural medicine.

    Here are a few examples of what my patients have said about homeopathy:

    "I was healed by the love, care, trust and support of my Homeopath and the remedies she prescribed.

    Two year ago I was sick and off work for 4 months, many test were done through my GP all were negative. Medicine was prescribed but I did not take them because it wasn't clear what I was treated for. I was besides myself with the worry of not knowing what was wrong and every time I went to see my GP I was prescribed more drugs.I knew that I needed help, so I decided to try Homeopathy. I was relieved to discover that Aurora could see me the very next day. Aurora listened to me for what seemed like hours, explaining my symptoms. It was the first time I felt that my cry for help was heard and that someone understood what I was going through.

    After my first appointment , where I was given plenty of time to discuss the history of my health, I was given a homeopathic remedy and within days I was feeling better. I started to sleep better and over the following months my health improved greatly and I felt fully restored. I was able to go back to work a couple of months later, and also I took a large carrier bag full of tablets back to the chemist.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Homeopathy to all my friends and people with whom I share my experience. Thank you Aurora for you care, love and support. May God bless and keep you to continue the wonderful work you are doing."
    Barbara D.J.

    "Aurora, my homeopath, has been very caring, listening to me when I was overburdened by my responsibilities. Homeopathy has been a very special treat to me: it has helped me with recovering from surgery as well as with overcoming depression. Also, it has helped me to look at my needs and wishes as a person and an individual and move towards reaching my full potential as a person." Clara C.

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